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Doggie Box

Doggie Box

PriceFrom $24.65

Want to make sure your best pup friend is eating as well as you are? Try our doggie box subscription! Offer them a variety of nutrient dense organ meats, ground beef, pastured fresh eggs, meats, bones, and bone broth from our pasture raised animals.  Organ meats and raw bones are chock full of bioavailable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for your pet that cannot be replicated in commercial dog food while eggs offer linoleic acid and fat-soluble vitamin A for your pets coat!  We are excited to be sharing this box with the four-legged part of your family. Your pet will thank you for it, and you can rest assured you are giving them the diet they deserve.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Fetch and Return
$27.55every month for 3 months
We're in!
Long Distance Hike
$26.68every month for 6 months
Woo Hoo!
Lifetime of Belly Rubs
$24.65every month until canceled
  • Sizes

    Small: 2lb meat, 3lbs soup bones, 2 packages small organ meats

    Medium: 3lbs meat, 5-6lbs soup bones, 3 packages organ meats

    Large: 5lbs meat, 9-10lbs soup bones, 4 packages organ meats

  • Bones

    Do NOT offer your pet cooked bones. Bones are meant to be enjoyed RAW ONLY. You can use our pastured bone broth however you would like, or make some more of it with the soup bones in the box!

  • Meats

    Meats included in the doggie box may be from custom state-inspected or USDA butcher facilities, and they are always from our own animals. Meats included in the box have vacuum seal issues or are parts of whole animal orders that did not make it into the boxes going out. It may be pork, chicken, beef, goat, duck, or lamb.

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