Ground Meat Sampler

Ground Meat Sampler

Click "more" below for item list. Ground meat gives you the most flexibility in adding rich, heritage flavor to your dishes. This box includes a little bit of everything for you to give it a try, experiment in the kitchen, and find your favorite. Or, try a little bit of each in a shepard's pie--to die for! Small Box includes 2 packages of whole-cow ground beef, 2 packages of whole hog sage sausage, 1 package of ground lamb, and 1 package of ground chicken. Large Box includes 4 packages of whole-cow ground beef, 4 packages of whole-hog sage pork sausage, 2 packages of ground lamb, and 2 packages of ground chicken.
  • Additional Info

    USDA inspected, certified, and packaged. Packages of ground meat are approximately 1lb each. It comes raw/unprepared. Images are for serving suggestions.

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    Please choose delivery to your home or pickup on the farm during checkout process.

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