*Holiday* Berkshire/Berkalitsa Pork Halves

*Holiday* Berkshire/Berkalitsa Pork Halves


Must be ordered by Nov 30th. While we offer custom cut animal shares year round, we offer standard cut Berkshire pork halves for the holidays as a wonderful way to stock up for cooking over the winter, or as a gift idea! These Berkshire hogs are raised from birth-to-butcher here on our farm, and are fed our custom feed blend with organic minerals and probiotics as well as tons (literally tons!) of produce like fruits, veggies, and pumpkins year round.


Standard cuts include:

1" Bone-in Pork Chops

Pork Shanks

Smoked Hocks

Thick cut, hickory smoked and sliced bacon + ends

Jowl Bacon + ends

Loose Pork Sausage

Ground Pork

Sweet Italian Large Links

Shoulder Roasts (Boston and Picnic)

Lard, organs, bones upon request (no upcharge)


Hogs are also available in an uncut option for those that have some home butchering/smoking/curing experience. Just email us: $240/hog (about 110lbs hanging)