Icelandic Lamb: Halves and Whole

Icelandic Lamb: Halves and Whole

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There are seasonal, limited amounts of halves and whole lambs available by pre-order only. Next expected availability: December 2020.

Icelandics are an ultra-premium breed of lamb. With a delecate flavor and unbeatable tenderness, this lamb will be the centerpiece of any meal. Reserving halves or whole lambs ensures that you can enjoy a variety of cuts for a value. More information about the cut lists, what to expect, animal standards, and Icelandic meat quality is found under the "Learn more" tab.

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    USDA inspected, processed, and packaged. More information about ordering quarters, halves, or whole lambs is found under the "Learn More" tab. All lamb is sold raw/unprepared, and images are for serving suggestions only.