Pastured Chicken Box

Pastured Chicken Box

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We love fresh pastured chicken is. Taking on any seasoning and cooking method, chicken can be tangy, spicy, saucey, BBQed, roasted, grilled, and so much more. Big fan? Try our chicken box for big savings! You'll recieve a variety of bone in and boneless breasts, thighs, drums, wings, whole or quartered chickens, ground chicken, or chicken sausage, and our fresh eggs!

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  • Size

    Small: 1 roasting chicken, 4 chicken breasts, 1lb ground chicken, 1lb sausage, 1 package bone-in wings or drums, 1 dozen eggs. Approximately 10-12 pounds of pastured chicken.

    Large: Small: 1 roasting chicken, 1 quartered chicken, 8 chicken breasts, 2lb ground chicken, 2lb sausages, 2 packages bone-in wings or drums, 2 dozen eggs. Approximately 22-24lbs pastured chicken.