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"'s highest quality pork."

Ranking top in nearly all categories at national taste and culinary competitions, Berkshire pork is unbeatable in flavor, color, and quality. BCF raises all pork in open pastures with cold springs and supplementary fruits and vegetables. It has a lower pH, higher nutrition value, clean taste, and superior ratio of Omega 3:Omega 6 fatty acids. There is no other "pastured pork" that can come close!


Roasting Hogs

We offer roasting hogs of all sizes. Please contact us at least 1 month before your event (the more time the better) to ensure we can reserve a hog that is a proper weight. All hogs will be processed and USDA stamped.

Weight, Servings, and Price
*Prices include $70 USDA processing fee*
    Hanging Weight                       Servings             Price (hanging weight)
40-50 Pound       20 People        $5.25/lb
55-65 Pound       30 People        $4.50/lb
70-80 Pound       40-50 People        $3.75/lb
100 Pound       80-90 People        $3.18/lb
125 Pound       125 People        $2.80/lb
150 Pound       150 People        $2.55/lb
170+ Pound         170 People          $2.45/lb 
Call for pricing on larger or smaller hogs.           
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