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Quarters, Halves, and Whole Animals

1/2 of a Berkshire hog typically yields:

23 pork chops (choice: bone in or boneless)

2 picnic roasts (approximately 2 lb)

2 Boston Butt roasts (approximately 3lb)

8lbs thick cut slab bacon (fresh or smoked)

1 ham (sliced or whole, smoked or fresh: approx. 13 lbs)

3lbs spare ribs

8-10lbs ground pork (plain or made into loose or link sausage)

Total cut weight: 75-80 pounds.

For 1/4 hog (35-40lbs), halve the amounts, or double for full hog (145-155lbs). Organs and soup bones available upon request.

1/2 Icelandic lamb or goat typically yields:

1 leg of lamb (4-5 lbs)

1 shoulder roast (4-5 lbs)

Ribs (0.5 lbs)

4 rib chops or 1 rack of lamb (2.5-3 lbs)

4 loin chops (2.5-3 lbs)

2 shanks (1 lbs)

3 packages ground lamb (3 lbs)

Total cut weight: 15-17 lbs

For a full lamb (30-35lbs), double the cuts. Organs and soup bones available upon request.

Galloway Beef Packages

If you are interested in purchasing a half or full Galloway beef or if you are looking for bulk orders for grass fed beef, soup bones, or whole-cow burgers, please let us know and we will do our best to make this happen.

Animals sold as a quarter, half, or whole are your best value, and you can sample everything these heritage breeds have to offer. Ordering in bulk also allows you to customize your cuts and preparation. If you have special requests (like having a whole Easter lamb, using picnic roasts as sausage, or custom cutting questions) please let us know and we will work with our butcher to meet your needs.

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