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Featuring:     Rusted Barrel BBQ and


Mondays Brewing Company

BeerBQ wraps everything about BBQ and brewing up into one sweet, summer afternoon. With everything from Rusted Barrel's cornbread on crack, BBQ boats with our smoked Berkshire pork, and a craft maltster demonstration, we can't wait to share an afternoon of relaxation, sunshine, and cold brews with you.

Mondays Brewing Co.

Located in McMurray, PA, Mondays Brewing Co. offers a unique, vast, and delicious lineup of brews. Run by Washington & Jefferson computer and information studies professor Sam Fee, you won't stop in without getting a smile, genuine conversation, and great glass of beer. They feature collaborations and a wide, rotating variety of brews from lagers, pilsners, and cream ales to multiple styles of IPAs, sours, and even meads. There is something for everyone at this "neighborhood brewery." Stop in and visit them next time you're in the area -- you may even see us there! Bonus points -- ask Sam about archeology! Interesting beers, interesting guy. We are excited to have him at the Farmery.


Rusted Barrel BBQ

Serving the Washington PA area, rusted barrel is a legendary BBQ caterer. Originally starting with competitions, RBLBBQ brings their unique and flavorful style to the best summer events in the area. Swing by and they'll have something new on their menu each time! From BBQ boats and ribs to rubbed chicken, sandwiches, and delicious'll be drooling over what to order. Ever heard of their BBQ charcuterie boards? Yum!

CNC Malting Co.

CNC Malt started from the passion for beer and the desire to create something unique that represents the true flavor of the state of Pennsylvania.


“Instead of opening a local craft brewery, WHAT IF we start a craft malthouse? Then we could collaborate with all the local craft breweries and distilleries to create unique and truly local flavors to this world!”

And just like that in 201 5 a Custom 'N Craft Malthouse (CNC Malt) started in Butler County Pennsylvania.

Repurposing Clearfield Elementary School, the malthouse became the keystone of the quality supply chain--connecting the local farmers to the brewers and distillers, ensuring local quality grain is available and malted to specification.

"It’s been said that MALT is the SOUL of BEER, and for a good reason because without malt, there would not be BEER and that’s why we are HERE"

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We rotate distilleries, catering companies, chefs, musicians, wineries, and more so that we can encompass many aspects of what the community has to offer. If you'd like to be a part of an event, please reach out to us! 


Want to contact Rusted Barrel BBQ or Mondays Brewing Company? Reach out to us and we'll happily give you their information!

See you at BeerBQ!

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