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We can't thank you enough

We have had endless amounts of friends, family, mentors, and businesses help us along the way.
Please reach out to us for anyone's contact information!

Farmers, Mentors, and Friends

Ronnie McClean, McClean Mangalitsa

Dan Stroup, Tamarack Piedmontese

Beau, Bright Earth Farm Icelandic Sheep

Tamarack Sheep Farm

Marianne Rostraver, Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep

Royal Unzicker, Jacob Sheep

Audrey & Dave Krzeminski, 1824 Walker House Farm

Ethan and Jordan, Muscovy ducks

Rennie, USDA Conservation

Jake & Des, Fallen Aspen Farm



Kellie Frame at Fix Ur Pet, Canonsburg

Ohio State University Large Animal Vet Services

Michael Pierdon at Lancaster Swine


Lowe's (Robinson, PA)

Erie Bone Broth

Pleasant Valley Poultry

Mays Meats

Kempfs Custom Butcher

Working H Meats

Doyle Refrigeration

Medium Rare

Emerald Valley Marketplace

Market Wagon

Kindred Delivery

General Rental

Freedom Ranger Hatchery

Yoder Fencing

Kalmbach Feeds

Landmark Feed Co.

Heritage Feed Co-op

Soergels Orchard

Colin Brown, Gifted Grass


Community Projects

To everyone who has participated and supported us in...

Christmas Tree Recycling

Pumpkin Donations

Baby Animal Days

Farmery Tours

Farmery Events

Shearing Days

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