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Whole-cow Ground Beef

Whole-cow Ground Beef

PriceFrom $7.25

Approximately 1 pound packages. This lean and flavorful ground beef offers endless options for cooking from soups and chilis to lasagna, burgers, and casseroles. Whole-cow ground beef includes all of the roast and steak cuts in the ground beef. It is richer in flavor!

  • Packaging

    USDA inspected, processed, and packaged. Each package is approximately 1 lb and hamburgers are approximately 1.2lbs. This product comes raw/unprepared. Images are for serving suggestions.

  • Wine and Beer Pairing

    Depending on how this ground beef is used, there are unlimited options for wine and beer pairing. Simple rules that help? Mushrooms pair well with amber beer and Chardonnay or Champagne. Notes of spice call for semi-sweet white wines, Pilsners, and Helles-style lagers. Savory dishes are complimented by porters, brown ales, and rich, oaked red wines.

  • Pickup and Delivery

    Please choose delivery to your home or pickup on the farm during checkout process.

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