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Smoked Ham (Whole, Half, Slices, Ends)

Smoked Ham (Whole, Half, Slices, Ends)

PriceFrom $6.50

Enjoy our natural smoked Berkshire ham whole, as a half ham,  in hearty 1" slices, or as ham ends for soup! This is the best ham on the market. BCF wholly invests in raising hogs that are natural and authentically heritage--smoked ham is one of the best ways to taste the superiority of heritage, pastured pork! With a firm texture, rich color, and clean taste, this ham can be enjoyed in many side dishes, with eggs, or by itself. It's so good, it shouldn't be called "ham." It's much finer quality all around.

  • Additional Information

    USDA certified, processed, and packaged. Ham is naturally smoked, but should be cooked to a safe eating temperature. Images are for serving suggestions.

  • Pickup and Delivery

    Please choose delivery to your home or pickup on the farm during checkout process.

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