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We are thrilled to partner with...

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"Blue Stream Farms is on a mission to nurture and inspire the development of the mind, body, and environment for our community of sustainability-conscious youth."

Microgreens & More Information Soon!

2021-02-02_edited.jpg using their spent brewers grain in our ranching system!

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As Pittsburgh continues to grow and evolve, we are looking to create a dynamic web of partnerships like these. In doing that, so many other aspects of our community can be elevated towards a more sustainable and ethical future.  

 This is a huge step in beginning to repurpose and extend the life of agriculture inputs in our community. Producing premium meat with little to no waste and low environmental impact is a tough goal to achieve. This partnership with Necromancer is absolutely key in allowing us to expand as a producer while maintaining that goal.

About the Partnership

Necromancer Brewing Company was immediately onboard with this partnership, being both enthusiastic and supportive when we talked with them about repurposing their spent grain. 


“Sustainability is key to the daily life of a brewery, so we were thrilled when Birch Creek Farmery approached us to repurpose our spent grain for agriculture,” says Lauren Hughes, Head Brewer (formerly Sun King and Penn Brewery).

We'll be partnering with them to pick up all of their brewer's grain as they brew it. We'll carefully blend it into the supplemental feeds we use in our pastured chickens, finishing Gallloway beef, Berkshire hogs, and Icelandic sheep. This both curbs the resource input to raise clean, low impact meats as well as provides excellent nutrition for the animals. Because it is a fermented product, the animals can access the nutrient more easily. We are excited and looking forward this new, dynamic aspect of the Farmery!

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