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Boston Butt (Shoulder) Roast

Boston Butt (Shoulder) Roast

PriceFrom $4.95

This cut is essential for any recipe where meat is meant to fall apart! Remarkable marbling makes this boston butt roast perfect for slow cooking. With full heritage flavor, slow smoke butt roasts with dry rubs, slow cook with vegetables, or BBQ for pulled pork bowls and sandwiches!

  • Additional Information

    USDA inspected, certified, and packaged. Boston butt roast is packaged in approximately 4-5lb packages and comes raw/unprepared. Images are for serving suggestions.

  • Pickup and Delivery

    Please choose delivery to your home or pickup on the farm during checkout process.

  • Wine and Beer Pairing

    You can't go wrong with a citrusy American Ale here. The strong hops dance with the spices while the malt compliments the savory meat. For wine, BBQ or smoked roasts call for bold tasting notes and luscious mouthfeel. Merlot, carbernet, and dark red blends offer the perfect amount of structure and fruit. Sangiovese and Carmenere are brighter options that also pair well with notes in classic BBQ sauces.

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